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Prenatal DNA paternity test

Prenatal DNA paternity test

Antenatal DNA paternity test is a test that analyzes the free fetal DNA present in the mother's blood during pregnancy compared with a sample of the presumed father's DNA to determine paternity. The test is safe for mother and baby as it is non-invasive (no amniocentesis/no chorionic villus sampling).

Principle: During pregnancy, the mother's blood contains cell free fetal DNA (cffDNA). With the latest sequencing technology and proprietary algorithms researched and licensed, GENTIS analyzes the free fetal DNA in the mother's blood to help determine the antenatal parent-child relationship without any invasion.

Methods: The test used PCR to specifically amplify 100 polymorphic SNPs common in the Vietnamese population and sequenced on the NGS system (Miseq, Nextseq), analyzed by bioinformatics software to evaluate genetic relationship between the fetus and the putative father. Helps determine parent-child relationships when using high-precision testing.

♦ The extraction of cffDNA for bloodline testing is a highly accurate method today.

♦ Implemented early from the 7th week of pregnancy.

♦ The results were checked and signed directly by Colonel Ha Quoc Khanh - Former Director of DNA assessment center - Institute of Criminal Science, Ministry of Public Security.

♦ Secure information completely with barcodes

♦ The test is performed directly at the GENTIS International Testing Center with 2 large-scale labs in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Performing tests right at the lab (not being shipped abroad) helps avoid any errors and minimizes the risk of long-distance samples.


Prenatal DNA testing should be done when the fetus is 7 weeks or more.

In principle, free fetal DNA is present in the mother's blood, appears from the 7th week of pregnancy and increases gradually during pregnancy and decreases rapidly in the mother's blood after 24 hours after birth.

Therefore, experts say that the non-invasive prenatal DNA paternity test can be performed at the 7th week of pregnancy when the concentration of free fetal DNA in the mother's blood is sufficient for extraction. (According to general survey reports, testing is also possible before that time, but it is individual, not representative.)


  • Maternal sample: 7-10ml of peripheral blood sample from pregnant women from 7th week of pregnancy. Vacutainer sample needle and Streck BCT sample tube.
  • Paternal sample:

    Sampling is performed by a GENTIS Technician with specialized training.

    Prenatal DNA test procedure


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